Silicone Bath Brush And Dispenser

Sale price$4.95

With the 2 in 1 design Silicone Bath Brush And Dispenser, shampoo foam distribution is more even. This not only can provide a quick and all-round thorough washing of your pets, but also eliminate shower clutters. The non-slip ring hand grip design offers you a comfortable grasp. Provides your pet an effective and gentle massage, which improves the blood circulation, giving your dog or cat a very comfortable bath. A great interaction for you and your pets. Better massage skin effect for short-haired pets.

Dog brushes are made of 100% high grade and odorless silicone bristles, with no harmful toxins or contaminants, that won't harm your pet skin. After high-quality production and processing, the silicone bristles will not break or fall off, also it will not be rusted like other metal pin brushes.

Color: Square Pink