Park Avenue Puppy Bags is about the smaller pets that need to be shown off and not stepped on.  When out in the crowd our little ones look to us for protection, security and comfort. Park Avenue Puppy Bags contain a leash attachment so your pet stays safe and secure.  All this gives you peace of mind and your pet is carried safely by your side.  Cats will also love the use of our bags.  Since they are curious by nature being out will give them a thrill and a chance to know the outside safely.

  We all love our pets. They give us their undivided attention and only ask for a pet and a hug and those spoken words that make them wag their tail or purr. Park Avenue Puppy Bags was started to show our pets we can love them back just as much.  They don't ask for comfortable things and would lay their bodies wherever they can.  The simplest things give them joy.  A new ball,  a new bed, brushing their fur, even petting them gets them to relax in your lap, your arms or by your feet.  For those of us that love our pets to no end and will do anything for them, Park Avenue Puppy Bags is the store to show your never ending love and devotion to those furry friends in your lives.

  Park Avenue Puppy Bags gives them all of what they need and some extra things for you.  Comfort on the inside with a little extra wiggle room,  air holes and screens to keep a watchful eye on your pet and them on you.  Our bags give your precious cargo the protection they need and the peace of mind you need.