Natural Dog Toothpaste Gel Freshner

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This Natural Dog Toothpaste Gel Freshner is the perfect solution to remove the stain accumulation and relieve oral problems. Use alongside pets oral toothpaste. Made with lemon, mint, chamomile extract and more, it saves time and effort. Use anytime and anywhere for a cleaner and healthier pet smile.

 Approx. 1.2*12.5cm/0.47*4.92 inches, contains 3ml of product a shown in picture

Due to different display and lighting effects, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color shown in the picture.
Please forgive the measurement deviation caused by manual measurement.

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1.Multiple Purposes: Using this Pet Oral Repair Gel will promote optimal teeth hygiene in your pet by preventing any accumulation of stains and discomfort in their teeth. The multi-purpose formula thoroughly whitens yellow teeth, ensuring a comprehensive oral cleaning experience.

2.Oral Care Essential: Say Goodbye to Oral Problems. Say hello to your pet's healthy mouth with our Pet Oral Repair Gel. This must-have product helps relieve various oral problems like sensitive teeth and bleeding gums. Effortlessly repair gum damage and receding for your pet's oral health. The gel leaves a well-maintained breath, removing bad breath-causing problems.

3.Safe Care: Keep your pet's teeth healthy with our Oral Repair Gel made of safe ingredients. Enjoy non-irritating and gentle oral care with extracts of lemon, mint, chamomile, and more. Rest assured, it won't cause side effects or harm your pet's teeth or gums.

4.Easily Use: Say goodbye to pet oral problems with this easy-to-use oral repair gel! Applied directly to teeth or alongside oral products/toothpaste, this gel ensures safe teeth care for your furry friends while saving you time and effort.

5.Convenient for Taking: Pet Oral Repair Gel is easy to carry and store, thanks to its small size and lightweight. You can use it anytime and anywhere, with no burden to travel. It provides more pet tooth cleaning convenience for you and your furry friends.

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