Wow!! I did that...

Wow!! I did that...

  I am a mother of three and as I look back on my life I am surprised we made it this far.  It takes a lot of hard work and patience raising a family. You have to be able to bring out that resourceful person we all have inside us.  We all have our moments and incidents where we have to find that instant solution to a dilemma.  Especially when there are a lack of funds.

  For example, I was with my kids in the car and we were on our way home and the muffler dropped and was dragging.  At that time I knew nothing about cars and cell phones didn't exist to call for help.  So I pulled aside and asked myself how am I going to fix this.  I didn't want to make the problem any worse by driving home and having more problems from the effort.  I must have sat there for 15 minutes and my kids were asking me how are we going to get home? are we just going to sit here?

  I got out of the car and looked under to assess the damage.  The muffler was hanging and one of the clamps had come off.  I opened the trunk and looked for something to tie it back up.  I found a wire hanger.  I felt so happy and this meant that we would be on our way in no time.  I took the hanger and crawled under the car enough to wrap it around the pipe, which had cooled off from sitting.  I brushed my clothes off and got into the car and safely drove home.  

  You always have an inner spark in you that always speaks to you and gives you ideas that you would never have thought of if you weren't in a situation.  The mind is so amazing especially when you have children.  It works overtime to help you when you need it the most.  

   Where there is a will, there is a way.  Anytime you are faced with a problem you should listen to your head because out of the blue would come an answer, even though a temporary fix.  Most of the time we pay no attention to our thoughts.  That inner voice is always trying to speak to us and point us to an amiable decision when confronted with a problem.

  Well I started this website because I see a lot of people walking their very tiny dogs in crowds and those darling little poochies are dodging people's feet trying not to get stepped on.  The Park Avenue Puppy Bags can help ease those moments when your pet feels uncomfortable in situations while walking.  

  Take our featured bag for instance.  It's called Check Me Out.  It's dressy/casual and can accent your attire while showing off your pet.  A screened view at the side to gives your pet a peek of their surroundings. The top zips back so your pet can get a full view of what's going on around them.  Just pull back the zipper and inside is an attachment for a leash so that your pet stays secure while looking out of the top. That keeps them from jumping out.

  I had a Yorkshire Terrier years ago.  I used to take her everywhere with me.  I wish they had these bags back then.  Everyone used to carry their little fluffy friends in their arms, which didn't leave them a choice when holding a basket or pushing a shopping cart in the store. The risk of dropping them was heightened when they started to wriggle wanting to get out of your arms. Now you can safely carry your pet and be stylish at the same time.  

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